Two Popular East Lansing Beer Fest For You To Enjoy

When it comes to finding a great town or community to settle down in, everyone has their own favorite things they enjoy doing that keep them entertained. Some people like bike paths while others enjoy great live music events. Still others are big on professional sports teams, like football, basketball, and baseball, then other people like a good museum. Whatever your desire, it’s important to explore these things before you make a permanent move, but at the same time, you should always be open to other fun things that you haven’t tried yet as well. Here are some of the best beer pests in East Lansing, Michigan.

Beer fest At The Ballpark

This is one of the most popular and is held in Lansing, just a quick 5 minute drive west from East Lansing. It is held annually at the Cooly Law School Stadium usually on the last weekend of April. Tickets are available at the box office there that is open from 10 AM to 5 PM weekdays.

There are usually up to 300 locally and regionally brewed craft beers along with ciders, wines, and mead to sample as well. Of course, there is plenty of food including Philly Cheese Steaks, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, and nachos to satisfy every kind of appetite. Every ticket includes a commemorative tasting glass that entitles the holder to cheap tastings at hundreds of beer stands. 10 sampling tickets are also included. There are always live bands on 2 different stages with complete lists available online. For more information search for “Beer Fest At The Ballpark.”

Annual Art And Craft Beer Fest

This get event is held on the first Saturday of February and runs from noon to about 10 PM. There are several venues to cover, including the art venue, comedy venue, plus short films and music as well. While each one is somewhat separate, they are easily withing a short walk of each other.

There is always plenty of craft beer on tap, plus hard cider and other refreshments for non-drinkers. There usually is brought in food by the truckload with pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and other types of food annually. One ticket gets you access to all of the different venues and it takes hours to enjoy the entire festival.

If you haven’t been to a local beer fest lately, you’ll note that they have become quite popular and do bring in very large crowds. They always have great music, nice people, and fantastic craft beers that are sure to go along with the incredible food as well.