Places To Eat In East Lansing MI That You Might Like

It’s time to discover some of the best East Lansing MI restaurants. We’ve talked about several of them, but there are quite a few good ones to discuss. If you are looking for the best place to dine out in East Lansing, then you’re going to find these picks quite interesting.

Harrison Roadhouse is the first pick, and it is located at 720 Michigan Avenue. Burgers, sweet potato fries, crab rangoon, fish and chips and more are found on the menu there. The place is known for having a decent wine list, too, and it’s said to be a nice place to visit before an MSU game. Is that where you are heading, or are you just looking to dine out in East Lansing?

Crunchy’s is also a popular spot in East Lansing to get a bite to eat. The location is 254 West Grand River Avenue, and fish tacos make the menu highlights. Crunchy’s features a college bar type atmosphere, so keep that in mind in terms of what you’re looking for in a place to eat. It is said to feature a nice beer selection, and one person reviewed it as hamburger heaven.

Woody’s Oasis is known for Mediterranean cuisine. The address for Woody’s Oasis is 1050 Trowbridge Raod. Order up baklava, hummus, sandwiches and more. This restaurant has been around for quite some time according to the reviews. Maybe you’re up for something a little different, and this restaurant fits the bill. I just realized it’s been awhile since I have had some hummus.

El Azteco is a popular restaurant in the city, and it’s known for great Mexican food. The address for El Azteco is 225 Ann Street, and the establishment features a rooftop patio. Order up enchiladas, cheese dip, tacos, topopo salads, sopapillas, a pitcher of margaritas and more. People have great things to say about the rooftop patio, and it seems like this restaurant would be a great dining experience all the way around.

In fact, it seems like all four of these great restaurants would be fun. What do you think? It’s kind of hard to pick, but when it comes to dining out in East Lansing, you can try them all. If you don’t have time, at least you know the names of some of the best restaurants. It’s going to be great checking out the places there are to eat in East Lansing MI.